Direct Instruction

This is the recommended method of instruction for St. Anne students. Students are more likely to successfully complete direct instruction (DI) courses as classes meet regularly and class sizes are usually small. Help is available on a one-to-one basis. Most students learn best when they attend regularly, communicate with their teacher, and interact with classmates.

U-Learn Online

U-Learn is the Calgary Catholic School District’s creative learning solution for online education which seeks to enhance learning opportunities for high school students. Based out of St. Anne Academic Centre, the U-Learn program offers students the opportunity to take most core subjects at the high school level, in an online environment. The learning platform, Brightspace by D2L, is used to facilitate interaction between the student and the teacher. This program can be accessed from anywhere via a computer and with internet connection. The flexibility this gives a student in completing coursework provides a freedom that is necessary if students have hectic schedules, cannot fit in all courses into a timetable or just wish to take a course in an online format.

A course from U-Learn provides students with the same learning opportunities and the same expectations found in a regular classroom except that the classroom is accessed through the internet. The skills gained while learning online will greatly enhance overall learning strategies. Online education, however, is not for every student. There are very important attributes that need to be considered in assessing a student’s potential success in an online environment.

Discuss the program with our counselor to make sure online learning is right for you.

U-Learn Print

Students may, from time to time, register in print courses when offered. Any student accepted into a print course must meet with the marking teacher to set a program plan. Students will be scheduled to be in regular contact with the teacher and to complete the course within the time frame stipulated in the program plan. Each course must be submitted upon completion.

Off-Campus Education

St. Anne Academic Centre offers a number of Off-Campus Programs. Students are able to earn credits in Work Experience, Career Internship and the Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP) while working, full or part-time at various jobs in the community. To get started students must register at St. Anne and complete a prerequisite course – HCS 3000. This is a 1 credit online course. Students do not need to attend classroom courses in order to participate. Two of the more popular Off-Campus Education programs are:

Work Experience

Work Experience is a school program designed to offer practical experience in a work place environment. It allows students the opportunity to explore a career that is of interest to them while gaining 15+ credits towards a high school diploma.

RAP (Registered Apprenticeship Program)

The Registered Apprenticeship Program allows students to accumulate hours towards an apprenticeship and earn 40 credits towards a high school diploma.

For a complete listing of programs, visit Off-Campus Education Programs.

Kara Life Program

(For pregnant and parenting teens)

This District program offers the services of a teacher/counselor, social worker, and nurse. The focus of Kara is to help students, both male and female, stay in school, maintain good health and support new decision-making. The Kara program includes academic credits for CTS units covering a variety of relevant topics. If you are interested in this support service, please meet first with our school counselor.

For more information on the Kara Life Program, visit the Calgary Catholic School District website.

Fresh Start

(Outreach Program)

The Fresh Start Outreach Program caters to students experiencing social, personal, environmental, and/or family concerns. Focused on high school completion, the Fresh Start program offers the necessary flexibility for students with poor attendance, at risk of dropping out or away from school due to suspension or expulsion to finish their high school program in a supportive and safe educational environment. The program is accessible to students between 15 and 19 years of age.