We are proud to offer a complete range of education programs, specialized support and services, and many exciting learning opportunities that will enhance your child's knowledge, talents and abilities. The Alberta Education Act requires us to prioritize the enrolment of Catholic students who live inside a school’s attendance area. We are also happy to enroll non-Catholic students and students who live outside a school’s attendance area when sufficient resources and facilities are available.

Registration for Semester 2 - February-June 2021 (Quarter 3 & 4)
  • Quarter 3: February 1 – April 16
  • Quarter 4: April 21 – June 28

Registration Bookings for semester 2 will open on Saturday, December 5th for appointments Dec. 8-17 & Jan. 5-22. All registrations will be by appointment only, booked through Conference Manager and meeting carried out via Zoom Conference.

Semester 2 Registration Session will be for eligible CSSD and out of district students who have completed 3 years of regular high school. Note: Maximum age eligible to attend St. Anne is 19 years old as of Sept. 1st of the current school year. Please review our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) if you have questions about eligibility or registration documentation required.

FAQ: View Document (Right click, Open in New Tab) 

Please Choose One of the Registration Processes Below

Currently Enrolled St. Anne Students

Book your semester 2 registration appointment in Conference Manager (Opens December 5th)

Connect Now (Right click, Open in New Tab) 

New Students to St. Anne - Follow this registration process

  1. Click on this Semester 2 registration link (Right click, Open in New Tab)  and complete the student eligibility document displayed (Opens December 5th).
  2. Next, open up the registration agreement forms (Right click, Open in New Tab). Review, complete and agree to the content.
  3. Upon completion of the forms section, a link to conference manager will be provided for you to book your registration appointment.
  4. Click on the conference manager link and create an account using the student name. Choose and confirm an appointment time for your Zoom registration.

Important: all registration appointments booked via conference manager will be conducted online via Zoom Conference. 

When you have completed your appointment booking in conference manager you will receive a confirmation email containing your zoom link.

Students should click on the Zoom link provided in your confirmation email 5 minutes prior to your appoinment time and the counselor will bring you into the meeting. Students are required to have Zoom loaded onto ther device to access the meeting.

Students under 18 years of age must have a parent present for their registration meeting via Zoom conference.

Semester 2 Timetable: View Document 

Please note:
  • Student registration fee - $5.00 (non-refundable)
  • Textbook caution fee - $40.00 per course, refundable on return of textbooks(s)
  • Fees are payable online in February